Every brand has a story to tell.
Plum Brands can help you define yours.

We help growing businesses cultivate a brand
that matches their ambitions.


Our Story

Every brand has a story to tell. Once you have defined that story, everything else can fall into place – from business planning to product development to marketing activities – and a strong brand can be built.

Plum Brands gives growing businesses an alternative solution for getting the expertise and guidance they need in order to articulate their unique stories and build their brands. As your ‘out of house’ brand advisors, we bring a fresh, objective

and senior-level perspective to any brand or marketing challenge… working hand in hand with your in-house teams, however and whenever needed, to develop and deliver the solutions.

Our main focus is the lifestyle sector – including fashion, retail, health, beauty, leisure and luxury brands. However, many years of cross-industry experience inform our point of view and allow us to bring a broad perspective to the table.


How we work

'Out of house' brand advisor

We can work with you on an ongoing basis to address any branding or marketing challenge you may come across. Think of us as an extension of your team, here to help you generate new ideas, use as a sounding board and give guidance. We can provide as much or as little direction and support as you need, depending on the resources you already have in-house.

Project basis

Or if you prefer for us to take a specific brand or marketing challenge away and come back with the answer, we can do that too. We will build an ‘out of house’ team to suit the size and nature of the specific project, be it big or small.

A network of experts

We are able to work flexibly because we bring in the experts you need, as and when you need them. All our partners are pedigreed professionals with a proven track record of clients and brand success stories.

Our extended team includes partners from all walks of branding life: strategists, graphic/retail designers, copywriters, digital specialists and PR/comms specialists.


Our Philosophy

Branding need not be
rocket science

Whatever your industry, we believe the basic principles of branding remain the same. Our job quite simply is to get to the heart of your story, and then to help you tell it in the most powerful way possible.

Every brand has a truth

Sometimes it’s hidden, and sometimes it’s obvious. A good brand story taps into that truth and uses it to make you more interesting to your customers and more differentiated from the competition.

A good story, should drive and inform everything you do

Once you have the story, you should be able to use this as the ‘brief’ for implementation of all aspects of the brand experience.

Simple is better

A clear idea with clean execution is the objective. Sometimes less is more. We strive to first bring clarity to the brand idea, and then to give direction and guidance about how best to bring that strategy to life for your customers.

We are to here to advise on any branding challenge,
be it big or small.

Brand strategy

Brand positioning

Telling the untold story

We can help you identify and articulate what is true, unique and desirable about you… based on a deep understanding and analysis of your brand, your ambitions, the market dynamic, competitive context and customer insights.

Repositioning and revitalisation

Moving into new markets

Helping you evolve and modulate your story and your brand as you expand and grow into new markets and categories.

Brand Architecture

Thinking through how you ‘label’ different divisions and offerings in your business

Often this means simplifying things so you get a higher return on your brand investment.

Communications planning

Marketing and
communications plan

Developing 360° customer engagement

  • Brand experience and customer touchpoint analysis
  • Marketing activity planning and prioritization
  • Messaging framework and strategy
  • Content development with your teams


Internal engagement

Bringing your people with you

  • Activities to communicate the vision and inspire your people
  • Tools to help your teams translate the words of the brand strategy into pragmatic and tangible actions that create a great brand experience

Verbal and Visual expression

Naming and visual identity

Translating strategy into creative expression

  • Identifying what branded elements are required
  • Bringing together a team of talented creatives and designers to create a powerful visual and verbal expression of the brand idea
  • The work might entail looking at your name and visual identity; developing a look and feel that could include digital, print and environments; and giving you clear guidelines and tools so your own team can implement and build a consistent brand experience over time

Decades of cross-industry, blue chip experience
and a passion for working with lifestyle brands.


    Advancing the Art of Luxury

    The Berkeley Hotel takes a different approach to luxury – fusing world-class service with those unexpected, delightful moments that create a fresh and memorable guest experience.

    The brand had already redesigned its visual style to reflect the hotel’s distinctive take on luxury. However as the guest experience lives primarily through the employees, the story behind the Berkeley brand also needed to be clearly defined and shared with everyone internally — from the front desk to engineering teams.

    Plum Brands articulated the Berkeley’s brand story as a clear and actionable strategic platform. We then created tools to help translate the strategy into the brand experience itself, by defining brand service behaviours called the “Eight Ways” and developing tone of voice guidelines for written communications.

    The brand story was shared with employees in a beautifully bound brand book and reinforced with a back of house communications campaign, showcasing the spirit of the brand and engaging everyone in the brand conversation. Ongoing work has included training on the tone of voice.




    British women’s leather label Muubaa is on a journey from cult name to covetable global brand.

    Over the past few years, Muubaa has quietly created a following amongst celebrities and fashion insiders both in the UK and overseas – known for doing beautiful and unexpected things with leather. However, as the brand continues to expand internationally, it has become vital to tell both customers and retailers more about who Muubaa is, positioning the brand at the high premium/luxury end of the market.

    Plum Brands has been working with Muubaa to achieve this transformation, starting with a new brand strategy and story. From this, the entire brand experience – from the logo to look book, web site and packaging – has been redesigned and imbued with a new sense of luxury and refinement that now matches the quality of the product design.

    Plum Brands continues to work with Muubaa to guide the direction of its seasonal campaigns, including Spring/Summer 2012 and Autumn/Winter 2012.


  • Smart Turnout London

    Evolving a truly British brand for new markets

    Smart Turnout began as a supplier of clothing and accessories for military regiments, schools and universities – integrating the colours and symbols of historic British institutions into everything from jumpers to cufflinks. However the real opportunity for the business now is to become a British heritage fashion brand appealing to markets such as the United States, Japan and Korea.

    Plum Brands has helped Smart Turnout redefine its entire brand communication to achieve this transition. Starting with a new brand story that focuses Smart Turnout around its British authenticity, we have collaborated with our strategic design partner Felt Branding to align the visual expression of the brand. The new visual identity is designed to reinforce heritage cues, and a distinctive look and feel creates consistency across all brand touchpoints.

    Plum Brands continue to work with the Smart Turnout team, advising on all aspects of brand implementation including the web site, retail store design and ongoing marketing activities.


  • Mint Velvet

    Writing the story of a new
    High Street brand

    Mint Velvet is a ‘start up’ fashion brand that first hit the British high street in 2009, and within two years gained national presence and brand recognition. The brand (and the team behind it) already had a confident and intuitive sense of self, including a very clear vision for what the brand might achieve. However this intuition needed to be translated into concrete terms that everyone in this rapidly growing business could use as a roadmap going forward.

    Plum Brands collaborated with Mint Velvet to craft their vision into a compelling brand story that pinpoints what makes this brand stand out on a crowded high street. In working with the team, we uncovered that Mint Velvet is so much more than a great product; it’s an experience and, indeed, a destination brand for the modern, busy woman who is looking for effortless style and relaxed glamour. Using the newly articulated brand idea as our compass, we were then able to clearly define how Mint Velvet could position itself against the different competitors on the scene.

    The brand story is now a fundamental part of the Mint Velvet strategy, driving both internal and external marketing activities.


    Mint velvet_smallcropped


Founder Director


Lori spent nearly twenty years working for one of branding’s foremost consultancies, Landor Associates, both in San Francisco and in London.

While there, she had the great fortune to work with ambitious brands such as River Island, British Gas, The Body Shop, Citigroup and Accenture, among many others. She also set up a new global service offering for Landor aimed at engaging clients’ employees with their brands.

After years spent working with such industry-defining brands, Lori decided to focus herself on growing brands in the lifestyle and luxury sector: brands who also have big ambitions… but starting with them a bit earlier in their journeys in order to be able to have a real impact on their development. And Plum Brands was born.

Prior Experience

  • River Island
  • British Gas
  • Citigroup
  • The Body Shop
  • Banana Republic
  • Hang Ten
  • NFL (National Football League)
  • Lilly
  • Visa International
  • T-Mobile
  • Accenture
  • Volvo Trucks
  • ZSL
  • Smart Turnout
  • Telia Sonera
  • BP
  • Pick n Pay
  • KLM
  • Nestea

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